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A flexible system designed to adapt for different contexts

HALO is the world's most effective screening solution for infectious diseases, including COVID-19. It brings together encrypted app technology, automated lab processes, the safest and most sensitive testing, and a flexible logistics approach designed for the needs of larger organisations recovering from the current - and any future - crisis.

Here are some examples of how the HALO system flexes to different contexts:

Office based

After the initial home test, weekly couriers collect samples from a centralised collection point. Banks, law firms and professional services can fulfil their duty of care and get back to full productivity with reduced need for complex risk reduction measures.


For universities, tech firms, warehouses and secure installations, a standalone HALO lab can be onsite and testing in a short space of time. The need for couriers is reduced, and the cost is therefore even lower. Students and workers can interact almost as normal.


For one-off events - conferences, sports, entertainment - the speed and accuracy of the HALO test means participants can be tested immediately before the event, before presenting the Halo app on the door to gain access.


Airlines, cruises and hotels have been hit hard by the current crisis. HALO testing can be performed singly or in batches (reducing the test time) to enable passengers and guests to travel in confidence.

To talk about how HALO can help your organisation cope with the ongoing threat from global pandemic, get in touch.