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The world’s most effective population-level disease screening solution

Highly specific

Targets a region of RNA unique to SARS-CoV-2 and found in all known strains

Rapid and accurate testing

Thousands of samples an hour can be processed with a detection limit over 1000 times lower than the amount typically found in patient saliva.

More than 50% cheaper
than competing tests

Advanced robotics technology enables high volumes of testing at low costs

Testing less painful and
easier to self-administer

Saliva testing is less invasive, simpler, safer and more reliable

Complete logistic and
app-based system

App, pack and courier service designed for larger organisations

Mobile, adaptable
long-term solution

HALO system is fully transportable and can screen for multiple diseases at mass scale

More sensitive, faster,
cheaper saliva testing

Secure, integrated HALO™ app technology

iOS & Android app

The unique, fully encrypted HALO app can be downloaded on Apple or Android


It provides secure user identification, built-in sample scanning and logistics control, user guidanceand verification

Test results in 24h

Test results are available on the same day and uploaded immediately to the user’s secure app along with advice on the results

Instant verification

The home screen provides an instant verification of the user’s virus-free status

User friendly

Using the app, subscribers scan their individual test barcodes, manage pickups and monitor progress

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